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What a weekend we had on the 27th and 28th of July this year celebrating our 26th Birthday of Nutters Restaurant being established in the local community, and of course we did it in style going back in time to the swinging 1920s bringing all the glam and style of the Great Gatsby.

As always Andrew Nutter was there to kick things off with food and drink on arrival joined by Rossendale dance and drama group to give us a true taste of the 1920s dance
moves. As you must know by now Andrew loves the chance of a good photo opportunity and why not have one next too a Great Gatsby style vintage car which both guests and staff alike couldn’t wait to get a snap next too.

The party didn’t stop there of course, it continued on inside  most importantly starting off with the feast that the team of chefs had been cooking all day. From a perfectly roasted Cod, Charcoal Cheddar Crumb and a King Edward potato Cream. Continued by one of the guests all time favourites, Limousin Beef Fillet, Wild Mushroom Suet Pudding, Watercress and Charred Pepper Salad. While the wine was being poured and the food being served, there was live music playing around the restaurant by the wonderful Teddy Bears creating a swinging 1920s atmoshpere.

Throughout the meal Guests were swept away to Andrews Prohibition bar down in the cellar where they were greeted by Ellen and given a brief history of the building, then they were all given cocktails, before the police came banging at the door to take them back to there table.

The evening ended in a famously Nutters way with a fabulous disco were the flapper dresses flapped and everyone foxtrotted, even Jean Nutter was seen joining in.

A massive thanks to everyone involved, we looked forward to celebrating with you for our 27th Birthday