Well we have done it again another award, this time for our wine list, which reached the final round of the AA Wine Award and was chosen from over one thousand wine lists based on the overall quality of its wine selection and presentation.

A massive Thankyou to Helen Whittaker our in house wine specialist for continuing Rodney Nutters wine legacy who would be incredibly proud of what as been achieved.

Helen spent hours trying and selecting the wines, (which she didn’t struggle with)  and for writing the entire menu for over 300 wines and there descriptions

Wether your a wine coniseur or someone that as no knowledge on the subject matter, there’s something for everyone. Plus Helen Whittaker is always on hand to help and chose something to complement all dishes on the menu.

So the next thing for you to do is come on in and have a read of our wine list and then pick a glass or even a bottle and try something different.